Wardrobe Wednesday (in the northern hemi)

Ok so I’m a day late. But the photo is from yesterday and it is still Wednesday in some places around the world.  The first day of Spring supposedly in this hemisphere, though I’m sure my scarf will get many more days of use yet.  I first read of Wardrobe Wednesdays here at Not Working.  Brave mummies.  I tried and failed to take full length shots this week, my camera was at work and the photobooth on the laptop can only seem to manage close ups.  So here is my scarf.  It is huge and touches the floor.  It is made by G-star and almost everytime I wear it I get comments about it: did I make it? Where did I get it? Love it.  So do I.  I bought it years ago while on a work trip with Athfield Architects years ago, from the Contemporary Lounge upstairs in Ballentynes, Christchurch.  That’s all for now, I’m running out to Ara Reo Maori.


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