Lego Go Bag

Justin’s old Lego is bundled up in this old canvas circle. It can be moved about then easily pulled together to hang it away. It’s the Lego go bag.


9 thoughts on “Lego Go Bag

  1. That is genius – my mother totally wishes she had one, for all the lego bricks she had the delight of treading on accidentally when we were kids. Love it! Also love the heirloom lego. 😉

  2. It was from when J was a kid. It is a circle of canvas with holes rivetted in around the edges. Then the string holds it all together, I just added a carabena to it to make it easier to hang up.

  3. We have one too from when we were kids – but ours is denim. Very handy for packing up after all the kids in the neighbourhood had been having a lego session on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

    • It is “about” thirty years old. J’s dad worked in the states so brought home Lego from there, so there might be some unique sets in there. Some bits are broken or a little hard to pull apart, but otherwise it is in great condition considering how old it is! Sabina was a little disturbed about some of the faces being “gone” though lol.

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