Bad Baby

Sabina loves this book Good Baby/ Bad Baby.  Half of the book describes a “Good Baby” doing all as she should, then you flip it over to read about “Bad Baby” waking up with a scowl and a moan.  When we read the bad baby side to Sabina she replies with “She’s naughty…. That’s kino (bad), I don’t do that…. etc etc”.  But today we found “Bad Baby” adorned with a bit of bad baby blue pen, though Justin and I had to laugh at the peculiar little faces in amongst her scribbles.


2 thoughts on “Bad Baby

  1. Too cute – check out all those faces watching baby be bad! do we think it might be her conciounce watching over her? LOL

  2. Ha ha! Mum still has all the books from when we were littlies, in a similar state of use. There’s also a Wonderful World of Disney encyclopaedia set which has all the pictures of monkeys & elephants torn out by my brother because they used to scare him!

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