The Staglands

With my sister and her family over from London we all went up the Akatarawa valley on Labour Day to Staglands Wildlife Reserve.  Given it is not far from Nana and Grandads house it is pretty amazing that we have never before taken the kids to this unique place.  The kids had a great time there:

  • Sabina and I loved the peacocks with their graphic and colorful displays (worthy of a separate post)…
  • Lido and Sabina were terrified of the kunekune and Auckland Island pigs, but Thomi loved them…
  • Lido was fearless on the swingbridge, I don’t even think he knew it was up high…
  • The walk in aviaries were awesome, we got to see Kea and other colorful birds up close…
  • Health and Safety paranoia has not yet hit Staglands with lots of fun boardwalks over water to cross…


3 thoughts on “The Staglands

  1. The photo’s are lovely, the little ones are really enjoying themselves, what do they say about children and animals you just can’t compete

  2. the photo’s are lovely and the little one’s look as thou they are having a great time, What do they say about children and animals, you just can’t compete

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