Get me back

No posts for a while, I know I know.

First, I upgraded my iPhone WordPress app.  And it was a nightmare.  And buggy.  Much harder to post from the phone, which I’d become very accustomed to doing on the run.

And then… the iPhone died.  Oh how it died.  It then took two weeks to come back, albeit in a reincarnated apparently new form.

And then……while iPhone down, big Camera was at work (well, it is the office camera lol), so no pics to be had at home.

And then……….Wordpress announced they were switching out my Pressrow theme, so I tried to turn a blind eye to it all and not deal with the inevitable widget replacement and re-urling.

And then and then and then and then and then!!!!! I got busy slash lazy.


But I did look a few things up on it this week, such as:

lemon cupcakes recipe (it is not quite memorized – the sugar quantity fails me every time)

meringue icing (egg white) recipe

playdough recipe


how to sew in the combined armhole/ neckline facing on the tunic dress.

And then…… I decided to actually look at the new WordPress Pilcrow replacement theme and see how much damage I was up for. And it was single-click easy, doh.

And posting this snippet tonight I get to see how much more AMAZING this theme and all it’s gadretry is.

And no re-urling or re-widgeting or re-anything-ing required.

That’s good.  Perhaps good enough to get me back.

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