Hangi Secrets

Last month we had a hangi to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  My sister came out from London with her husband Mark, their toddler Conor and her baby on board.  Whanau and friends also came from Rotorua, Hamilton and around Wellington.

Here are some pics of the kai, (vegetarians might want to skip this post) but my bro who is the hangi master/ chief hunter & gatherer has vetoed publishing the whole hangi process, stating we can’t reveal all our hangi secrets…




6 thoughts on “Hangi Secrets

  1. We were hoping for a lovely sunny afternoon but unfortunately it didn’t happen, but the hangi was absolutely divine!!! Regardless we had a wonderful afternoon with family & friends & the celebrations continued into the night. Oh it was a successful birthday, however when I turn 65 next year, I’m going to escape for a quiet weekend away. Well that’s my intention in the meantime!!!!
    Louise thanks for this posting but remember your brother reads your blog!!!
    Lots of love mum xx

  2. Although Steve might pale at all that meat on the bone, I for one think it looks delicious! Reminds me of a classic lobster boil where you bury hot rocks with clams, potatoes, lobsters, etc. covered with seaweed to steam everything to perfection.

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