Bucket Hat

Bucket hat from this free simplicity download…


It seems to be a teenage size (misses) and I made it in the largest of 3 sizes. Too tight on me, too big for Bina, but it was my first effort with interfacing so just a test in a plain white linen.  Will amp up the size and make it in a bigger patterned version for me, with a bigger brim.

And maybe some smaller versions too for the kids – a good way to get rid of my growing pile of remnants.




6 thoughts on “Bucket Hat

  1. Oh she looks adorable in it!

    My girls often pluck my hats from the hat basket by the door and I’m always green with envy at how much better they look in them than me – ah, those peachy cheeks and rosebud lips! Sigh!

  2. Hi there, I’ve been searching for the free Simplicity Bucket Hat pattern – but they seem to have removed it from their website. Would you still have a copy – and if yes, would you be kind enough to email it to me please?

    My email address is on my blog profile (www.sew-incidentally.com) top-right corner of the page.

    Many thanks,
    Claire 🙂

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