Big beds

Two nights ago after putting Lido to bed we find him downstairs in the lounge hanging out on the sofa. We return him to bed and remove all pillows, bumpers and other accessories to his first successful cot escape such as the oil column heater next to the cot.
He just works his abs harder and still manages to maneuver his now two year old body out of the bed and run downstairs. Lots of times.  I give up and put his mattress on the floor (like we did on holiday) yet still he is relishing his new found nightly freedom and aims to escape about the house.
To the storeroom I go and bring out the security gate from the “Can now list on Trademe” pile in the storeroom.  The gate goes up and 2.5 hours past his original bedtime, he finally goes back to bed.

J and I agree that we should wrench Thomasin onto whatever setup we now require for her twin Lido.  So the next day I take off the cot sides for both of their cots, switch out their cot blankets for single bed duvets, and the little kids marvel at their now “big” beds.
And another 2.5 hours of over-exited later than normal for their bedtime.
Tonight: Big bed night 3 for Lido and night 2 for Thomasin, the pantomime entitled “I can get in and out of bed whever I choose” is enacted again.   But tonight J & I are solid, the gate is closed, and after an impressive half hour protest, all three finally retire to their big beds to sleep.



One thought on “Big beds

  1. You make it sound so easy…I refuse to believe this…but I AM impressed nonetheless. Go big bed kids!

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