Nerves frayed and preparedness raised

I tend to start most of my posts lately with “It’s been quiet on the ‘scene lately”.  Ya ya ya, I know it.

Things have been happening. We went to Waiheke Island. Work is busy. I bought the twins big beds.  And maybe i’ll get onto posting about those things.  But Christchurch had some earthquakes, and my perspective on things has thus shifted a notch.  Real life experiences written by chch blogger extroadinaire Maddie of the of the 4 September 2010 (7.1mag) shake can (and should be) read here and of the 6.3 (more violent there I might add) post memorial service here.

On Saturday we had dinner with Pamela and Tim.  The boys went off on their own course of conversation and Pam and I spoke shake.  She stated it simply; “Everyone has been affected”.  It is unfortunately, and hopefully true.

So what have been my experience post quakes? Since the 7.1magnitude quake in Chch that sent J and I leaping out of bed.

How bizarre for us here, the forewarned in Wellington, to look south and see a city shaken to its core and now in parts to the ground.

The recent Wellington shakes of 4.6 and 4.8 – still a valid fright for those of us raised to fear and prepare for “The Big One”.  And even more so now.

We are feeling a sort of aftershock here.  Nerves have been frayed and preparedness raised.  I gather water every other day, filling up milk bottles I usually throw away.

I check the survival kit time and again.  Now significantly added to, post Bird ‘Flu.  But where to put it? Inside or out? Laundry or courtyard – no longer under the house.

And post Christchurch too will the message be heeded? Preparing for 3 days seems hardly prepared.  To “Get Thru” not just the days, but the weeks and then years.  Past damage and loss, rebuilding and tears.

Facing the future of a cordoned off city, will we in Wellington run for our lives? Or run for our livelihoods, grabbing gear and hard drives?  What on earth would our country do, if faced with the destruction of not one city but two?

We dig deep in our pockets to raise money for charity, but digging that longdrop is not our reality.  Again I just feel that here we got off this lightly. Simply lucky we aren’t having the shaking here nightly.

But Otautahi know that we think of you here.  And hopefully learn something if the shakes start to get near.


Here are my shoutouts for local and friends fundraising events:

  • Penny’s “500 Friends” in Auckland delivered 500+ care boxes in a donated container direct to residents in Christchurch. Read about them and see their pics on FB here
  • Rob and his crew at Capitol (favorite Wellington restaurant) raised $24,000 (that is $!!,!!!) in a fundraising night where the staff all worked for free.  Check it out on FB here
  • Scots College in Strathmore donated the proceeds of their absolutely massive school gala.  Pic of Sabina and Mike there below…
  • Our kohanga reo with te Kaahui kohanga reo raised $480 for the Christchurch Kohanga Reo by performing kapahaka at Midland Park and Te Puni Kokiri.  We were so proud of them. Videos below and on FB here:

    Mike eats one of Ron and Tom's Mussel Fritters - for charity of course


I tried for a Red Cross but Sabina opted for diamonds




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