Sweet flannelette slumber

On Saturday Sarah and Holly invited me to Fabric-a-brac, a fabric rumble sale to support the Mary Potter Hospice.  A sweet patterned flannel on Sarah’s mothers table caught my eye, and thoughts of home made pyjama pants circled in my head. But upon getting it home (together with kilos of upholstery and curtain fabrics) my thoughts turned to the soft flannelette pillowcases of my childhood and the looming winter nights ahead.  Using an existing pillowcase I measured the fluffy fabric, it would make exactly five.

So using the most simple of pillowcase patterns I folded in one end, folded the side, and sewed with right sides out to achieve my compulsive enclosed seams. Turning inside out I pressed the edges and sewed in the seams, together with sewing in the opposite side of the folded in edge. This was the perfect project to get me back on the machine (and the blog); no tricky bits, no unpicking, no wastage and all done in an evening. They dried on the line today, so tonight I can dream of upcoming upholstery and curtain projects in sweet flannelette slumber.

p.s: i am yet to find the *perfect* pillow.


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