Daddy’s Plane

It is certainly a mission taking the kids to pick up J from the airport.  But they do love it.  I bet Wishbone don’t love us.  I time the trip to take in a tarmac-side kiddie dinner and they spill a fair amount of the chicken risotto on the floor, distracted as they are with the comings and goings of the little planes and the big planes and the HUGE  planes.  They are on constant lookout for Matua Jeff speeding around the tarmac in his wooly hat.  And we get loads of smiles and raised eyebrows from the travelers who pass through while we eat and wait for Daddy’s plane.



One thought on “Daddy’s Plane

  1. Awww, it’s always fun hanging out at the airport; even more so when waiting for someone you love to return to your waiting arms x

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