Post dinner paint up

Pop visited us this week from Melbourne and brought with him a lovely bag of goodies from the shop at National Gallery Victoria.  For Sabina, a paint poncho to protect the two frocks she alternates wearing every other day (sigh).  For the past few days I have been loudly  and repeatedly proclaiming that the poncho is sized for up to nine year olds – i.e  for “big kids”  to get her past the idea that it is a baby bib.  So finally tonight while I did the dinner dishes she donned the Dr Dawg thing for a post dinner paint up.

  •  Sabina’s picture (on the right) is of a cat.  Pointy ears.  She painted her own name.
  •  I think the Paepae and Lido paintings are remarkably similar.  They don’t get to paint as much since Paepae still eats paint (and chalk and soap), drinks paint-water, and puts more paint on the table, walls and Lido Ngakau’s head than on the actual paper.
  • NGV will soon have an online shop.
  • No matter how hard i try to arrange it, Sabina insists on wearing her headbands McEnroe style, all in.






4 thoughts on “Post dinner paint up

  1. so cute – WOW what great writing already – not even 4. I love the headband look – i see that it will be a fashion statement at school next year when she starts school lol.

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