New poi, e

Lately I have been making new poi for Te Ara Reo Maori.  I have finally learned how to do a four plait on my own, and know now how to get the spiral pattern in the taura.  Here are some finished and in progress, I’ll post up a step-by-step tutorial soon. [HERE IT IS, VIDEO TUTORIAL]


3 thoughts on “New poi, e

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  2. Yay! So glad I have stumbled across you. I am a Kiwi teacher in Jakarta and am about to embark on teaching my class how to make poi as I want to incorporate it into our end of year performance along with some Indonesian dance…..well, it’s in my head anyway! Await holding my breath for your tutorial on the new improved four plait but we will try the previous one in the meantime. Any advice as to where we could head to learn some poi moves? The kids are 8 and 9 but picked up rakau stick games quickly and action songs, too. Terima kasih (that’s Indonesian for thankyou), Maree

    • Thanks Maree I have uploaded my new video on how to make the plait. Probably make them a bit skinnier than my ones, so easier to twirl. There are some good moves on Youtube Ill find the links.

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