A year on

Its about a year since the last post. Our awa is no longer the Whakapapa, it’s now Bush Creek and the Arrow.  We look upon pae maunga Kawarau -The Remarkables.  Unlike Kakahi; here in Arrowtown we see  neighbours on every side.

Our new house is under construction, nearly complete.  Our understanding of what completion includes is rather maleable, but loosely means we will soon move ourselves and our stuff in there and kindly request  plants and trees to behave and grow beautifully in our future garden.

Our festive cheer this year  involves paint brushes and rollers as we aim for said ‘completion’.  We are lucky to have amazing builders and kind helpful friends helping us along on the way.  This morning – Saturday before Christmas – we walked with our builders over every part of the floor to test and screw down possible creaks.

Bread is still emerging from the kitchen daily.  Te Reo is much reduced, with ebbs and flows of effort on my part.  And the littlest kids are now about to start school, having completed a year in Montessori (far far away from Kohanga Reo).

There’s no excuse for the lapse, but high time for the domestiscene update a year on.






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