Compost heap

Today i banged up my compost frame and started the compost. The frame is 3 bays wide to accommodate the raw materials and eventually the various stage heaps. The food scraps all go through the earthmaker bin first, mixed with various scoops of coffee grounds, sawdust, and small amounts of lawn clippings.  I layered the earthmaker compost (not totally decomposed yet, only 2 months old) as a hot compost heap with lawn clippings, coffee grounds (thanks to Cafe Mondo and The Chop Shop), newspapers (thanks to Mountain Scene) and leaves (thanks to Autumn). This was the second mow of the new lawn, 3 catchers full. The  heap will grow in size (I didn’t have enough yet for a metre by metre pile, only a third of that so far) and I need to purchase a pitch fork to get it moving. Most of my compost info was from  Wanaka Wastebusters Dr Compost. A discount of $100 is available on the earthmaker bins – this is a subsidy from Queenstown Lakes District Council.

NEXT DAY NOTE:  The compost is hot!!! I want to buy a thermometre now to check how hot, but it is actually radiating heat.  Amazing, it works!




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