Chilli Winter Soup



It’s the time of year when the temperature drops below zero, and the supermarket loads up on pumpkins. Today I bought 4 kinds, including a new kind: Butterkin, which reminds me of my kiddie nickname, Whizzakin.  Making Pumpkin soup requires some effort, but an easy way to halve the effort is to double the reward.  From Annabel Langbeins Fast Food for Busy Lives, she has a single page featuring two pumpkin soups – one traditional, and one in a Thai version.  Since making her Thai pumpkin soup a few years ago I have varied it somewhat, and adjust it to what I have in the cupboard.

I make it by making one very large pot of plain pumpkin soup, then on an adjacent pot sizzle onion, garlic, palm sugar, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, fish sauce, chillis etc to make a base for the Thai version of the soup.  Added to the sizzle is a can of Coconut Milk, and several ladles of the base pumpkin soup.

Add Coriander and some dried Shallots, and vavoom, a nice chilli Winter soup.




One thought on “Chilli Winter Soup

  1. That sounds divine. I bought a crown pumpkin and a butterkin at the store because they looked so lovely together and I was curious about how their flavours would combine in the pumpkin soup I have yet to make. They still look lovely.

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