Good garden drink

The latest process in my compost system is the Bokashi bucket, which promises to transform our food waste into lots of good microorganisms for the garden.

The council sell the buckets and mix at a subsided rate. Mine is the Zing Bokashi, and so far it is true to its marketing – it doesn’t smell out the house, it delivers the promised liquid that contains the effective microorganisms and every few days I distribute this juice around the garden. Next I’ll start feeding the lawn with it.

We have 2 buckets in the system for a family of five. One bucket lives in the kitchen, it daily accepts all of the food scraps with a scoop of the Bokashi Zing. The other (full) bucket ferments away happily in the broom cupboard, producing the Bokashi juice for the garden. There are two options for the bucket contents, either dig it in direct into soil or as I am – adding it to my compost (Earthmaker compost bin – also council subsidised).

So far the key benefit is that I don’t have to take the kitchen compost outside every day, only every 10 days. The Bokashi waste is meant to speed up my composting time resulting in faster table to garden compost. The compost doesn’t smell as much (especially through Winter when the green waste is minimal) and this liquid looks like a good garden drink.





2 thoughts on “Good garden drink

  1. Hi Lou,

    I love my Bokashi bucket too, and am growing amazing vegetables, which I attribute to watering the soil with the Bokashi liquid.

    Mig xxx

    Mig Wright 33c Ocean Rd Surfdale Waiheke Island 1081

    (09) 372 7674 027 203 7675

  2. I’d love to swap blogs with you. I blog on organic gardening on Sundays, vermicomposting on Wednesdays, bokashi composting on Thursdays and water conservation on Saturdays at

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