Sufficiently cloudy

This weekend has been cloudy, with showers. I added a few trees to the garden (12 or so); Mountain Beech (Nothofagus Solandri var Cliffordosis) for native and evergreen structure, and the Ornamental Pear (Pyrus Calleryana “Aristocrat”) for Spring white, Summer green, Autumn fire and Winter invisibility.

The tulips are coming up. The borders are behaving. Some transplanting today shows the root growth per plant. 9 hebe topiaria were moved to define a driveway edge, hard to get out of their positions with masses of new dense roots. I reviewed the cloud arranged goldenball and golfball pittosporum that surround the flowering Yoshino cherry trees. I moved some, transplanting here and there. Their roots had nothing on the hebe topiaria. Underground, they hardly appeared established out of their nursery shape. Still small (being budget and availability constrained) I wonder how much extra shape out of them I will get in a growing season. At present they still look puny and sparse, I can only hope they take off in the spring to look sufficiently cloudy.




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